Improvements we wish Facebook would make

We all love Facebook right? It’s a great way to stay connected with friends and family and see what they are up to an interact online. However there are so many improvements that we wish Facebook would make to its site and one of those is the desire that so many of us have to control our own newsfeed! Facebook uses an algorithm that Instagram has recently adopted whereby they figure out which news feeds to show you based on what they have deemed as being relevant to your life. However wouldn’t having the option to view all of your friend’s status updates be better? Facebook acts like they are doing us this huge favor by showing us what they see as being relevant to our lives however this is only good if a Facebook user has a very small friend network, however it would be so much better if people with more friends could view all of their friends and families posts. Basically, stop deciding my future Facebook!


Also you know what would be nice? Better search options! It would be so much more convenient if you could search for posts based on their date or location, not simply by keywords. This is 2016 people, get it together.


Another thing that is simply baffling is the fact that you still can’t customize your Facebook status updates or comments to include unique text fonts. In fact you can’t even underline, italicize, or make a piece of text bold. Therefore if you want something specific in your post to stand out the only way to do so is to write it out in ALL CAPS, which basically makes it look like you are yelling at somebody through the screen.


Facebook has also been in some trouble recently regarding their Facebook news feature that allows you to view popular stories about things happening in the world. They have been accused of allowing more liberal stories to be posted than conservatives ones and that has left a lot of people very angry and feeling as if their views do not matter to Facebook because they just so happen to be more conservative politically. No matter what the political views of the people at Facebook might be they need to make sure that they represent equal sides of the political spectrum so no one side feels ignored.


There are also a lot of posts that simply feel too promotional or pushy. I don’t want to be browsing through Facebook trying to catch up on what my friends are doing and constantly be asked to buy a product or install an app. There are also posts that push people to enter certain giveaway promotions or sweepstakes but end up beings scams. The final and quite possibly most annoying Facebook feature that needs to be done away with immediately is a person being able to invite you to play a game. How many times do you need to turn down your second cousin to play Farmville? Once again these are just a few of the improvements that we wish Facebook would make yet they have not been fixed yet. Here’s hoping that by 2017 they finally get their act together!

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