The Life And Times Of Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in the White Plains area of New York to dentist Edward Zuckerberg and psychiatrist Karen Kempner. He is an internet entrepreneur who has drawn his footprints in the sand in more ways than one. He is also the chairman as well as the CEO and co-founder of the social networking website, Facebook. As of August 2016, the billionaire was ranked the 5th richest person in the world, with an asset base of US$53.7 billion.


Early Life

Zuckerberg, alongside his three sisters, Donna, Arielle and Randy were brought up in Dobbs Ferry in New York, a village situated about 21 miles north of Midtown Manhattan. Being raised Jewish, he followed all the Jewish practices and even had his bar mitzvah when he attained the age of 13. He would later become an atheist, a sworn one at that. However, he still believes in Karma and has previously stated he is so take by the Buddhism religion.

He went to school at Ardsley High School and later to Phillips Exeter Academy situated in New Hampshire. His academic start shone throughout his early years in school as he won several awards in science, astronomy, math and physics as well as classical studies.


Early Years with Computer

As early as middle school, Zuckerberg had already taken some interest in using computers and writing software. After teaching him Atari BASIC Programming, his father hired him a private software developer to tutor him.

He then began making some strides and one of his earliest milestones was the designing of a software program he named ’ZuckNet’’ that enabled an efficient communication between computers at his father’s dental clinic and their house.


College Years and Facebook

By the time he started his classes at the Harvard, Zuckerberg was already a serious programmer. He studied computer science and psychology. His programming prowess came to the fore when he wrote a program in his sophomore year called CourseMatch. This program enabled users to make certain class selection decisions based on the preference of fellow students. It also helped them form study groups. He would also create another program known as Facemash which enabled students to select the best-looking individual from an array of photos.

It is rumored that it was n the height of these inventions that he also initiated books known as Face Books which included the details of all who lived in the dorms. However, as the site shot in popularity, the college decided to shut it down as it overwhelmed one of Harvard’s network switches that was considered more popular at the time and also prevented students from having access to the internet.

Zuckerberg launched Thefacebook on February 4 2004 that was primarily a code and initially located at He was later to be accused by three Harvard seniors namely; Tyler Winklevoss, Cameron Winklevoss and Divya Narendra six days later for what they claimed was an intentional ploy by Zuckerberg to use their ideas under the pretext of helping them build a social network called When Facebook was officially launched, the trio filed a lawsuit which later resulted in a settlement that was approximately 1.2 million Facebook shares that stood at US$300 million at Facebook’s IPO. Zuckerberg would later drop out of Harvard in his sophomore year to complete his project.


Life Outside Facebook

When not concerned about Faceook affairs, Zuckerberg does some charity work. He has made several donations in aid of charity work, one of the most notable being the $100 million Newark Public Schools to Newark, New Jersey.

On December 9, 2010, he, alongside other billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffeti signed a promise known as ’The Giving Pledge’’ where they promised ti donate at least half of their total wealth to charity over the course of time.

Zuckerberg shies away from revealing his political views and while he actively takes part in political processes such as voting, he has always kept people guessing whether he is a conservative or a liberal.

He got married to Priscilla Chan on May 19, 2012, a refugee of the Chinese-Vietnamese origin who arrived in the US in 1975 after the fall of the Saigon and with whom he has a son.


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